Hibiscus Under Lights

You may not have a greenhouse, but if you have a little space in your basement and want to maximize the potential of a few plants, here's how one dedicated tropical plant enthusiast has done it.

The plants are mostly on the floor in an area about 5'x7', with only one 48" double tube shop light (about $9 at a home/garden center) on a $7 timer (16 hours a day). All of the plants, even on the edges of the lighted area, look deep green and healthy.

The light is actually hanging at about 5' above the floor. At left, look at the rich color of the hibiscus leaves (no they are NOT wet!).

The lights are regular fluorescent tubes, no special "grow" tubes required. This is truly an inexpensive, easy way to overwinter hibiscus and other tropicals. It works!

These healthy hibiscus plants produce flowers every week or so. They will have a head start when they go outside in the spring. (They may need a period of transition before being introduced to full sun to avoid "sunburn.")

Where there's a will, there's a way.

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